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Flamingosis – A Groovy Thing (MP3 320kbps n’ M4A) (2017)



1.A Groovy Intro
2.don’t lose the feeling
3.want me (need me)
4.that’s cold
5.soul crusade (feat. Engelwood)
6.otaku mode (feat. Birocratic)
7.keep shining (feat. The Kount)
8.come & get it (feat. Yung Bae)
9.persevere (feat. Kyle Greene)
10.flute salad
11.A Groovy Thing
12.long distance
13.never felt a feeling like this
14.not like the others
15.get yourself together
16.guilty pleasure
17.high tide (feat. Stereocool)
18.breezy (feat. Mtbrd)

MP3 320kbps Version (.mp3)


AAC Version (.m4a)



Invaders Must Die


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