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$uicideBoy$ – Songsthatwewontgetsuedforbutattheendofthedayweallgonnadieanyway (M4A 2017)



01 South Side Suicide (feat. Pouya)
02 Jon Voight (Live Fast, Die Young)
03 Am / Pm
04 Novus Ordo Seclorum
05 Gaudy Pack Shawty (feat. Yung God)
06 Kill Yourself (Part II)
07 Magnolia (feat. Kirb La Goop)
08 #1 Stunna
09 Do You Believe in God?
10 The Sacred
11 Diemonds
12 Mount Sinai
13 Fake Pontchartrain (feat. Key Nyata)
14 Friday the 13th
15 Heavily Medicated
16 Slow Motion (feat. Supa)
17 Nm Jc
18 Prince Tulip
19 Aphrodite {The Aquatic Ape Theory}
20 Trapathy
21 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
22 Saturn Sunrise
23 Gold (’99-2000)
24 333333 [Rare* ’96 Bootleg Cassette Rip Tres Seis]

25 Crucify Me Wearing Tommy
26 Back from da Dead
27 Tempura
28 Bags
29 Sleep Walk
30 Torcher
31 Vincent Van Gogh Ain’t Got Shit on Me
32 Shattered Amethyst
33 Fuckthepopulation
34 A Death in the Ocean Would Be Beautiful
35 Converting…
36 Low Key
37 Evolution (Pretty Good Movie / Pretty Good Theory)
38 To Have and Have Not
39 Can of Worms
40 Paris
41 That Time We Went to Wal Mart in Memphis to Steal Some Shit Before We Met up With Ta to Shoot His Video
42 Lte
43 Gloss of Blood
44 All My Life I Wanted a Chevy
45 In Order to Cast a Shadow You Must First Cast a Flame
46 Handzum Suicide (feat. Dylan Ross)
47 That’s Very Minimalist of You
48 Romulus
49 Straw Chairs
50 St. Bernard
51 Rag Round My Skull
52 Brooklyn (feat. Black Smurf)
53 Fema Camps (feat. Black Smurf)
54 Chilly Gentilly (feat. Black Smurf)
55 Lacombe (feat. Black Smurf)
56 Ruby Is Finally Satisfied with His Verse (feat. Black Smurf)
57 Whose Pills Are These? (Which Bag Were They In?) [feat. Black Smurf]

58 Malebranche
59 Slenderman (feat. Germ)
60 West End (feat. Germ)
61 The Road to Hell Is Highway 59 (feat. Rvmirxz)



Nunca sabes quién está muerto mañana. Y aunque creas en Allah, o Jesus, o en la teoría de la evolución, o en universos paralelos, solo hay, solo hay una cosa segura. Que la vida es ahora.

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