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Chris Brown – Fortune (Deluxe Version) (iTunes Plus) (2012)

Chris Brown


RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

1.Turn Up the Music
3.Till I Die (feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa)
4.Mirage (feat. Nas)
5.Don’t Judge Me
7.Biggest Fan
8.Sweet Love
9.Strip (feat. Kevin Mccall)
10.Stuck On Stupid
11.4 Years Old
12.Party Hard / Cadillac (Interlude) [feat. Sevyn]
13.Don’t Wake Me Up
14.Trumpet Lights (feat. Sabrina Antionette)
15.Tell Somebody
16.Free Run
17.Remember My Name (feat. Sevyn)
18.Wait for You
19.Touch Me (feat. Sevyn)



Invaders Must Die


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