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2017ArtistasGenerosRockScorpionsYear Release

Scorpions – Born to Touch Your Feelings – Best of Rock Ballads (iTunes Plus) (2017)



Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH

1.Born to Touch Your Feelings (Studio Edit)
2.Still Loving You
3.Wind of Change
4.Always Somewhere
5.Send Me an Angel (Acoustic Version 2017)
7.Eye of the Storm (Radio Edit)
8.When the Smoke Is Going Down
9.Lonely Nights
10.Gypsy Life
11.House of Cards (Single Edit)
12.The Best Is Yet to Come
13.When You Came into My Life (Studio Edit)
14.Lady Starlight
15.Follow Your Heart
16.Melrose Avenue
17.Always Be with You



Invaders Must Die


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