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Aerosmith – Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology (iTunes Plus) (2001)



Geffen Records Inc.

1-01.Eat the Rich (w/Intro)
1-02.Love Me Two Times
1-03.Head First (Single Version)
1-04.Livin’ on the Edge (Acoustic Version)
1-05.Don’t Stop (Single Version)
1-06.Can’t Stop Messin’ (Full Version)
1-07.Amazing (Orchestral Version)
1-10.Shut Up and Danc
1-11.Deuces Are Wild
1-12.Walk On Water
1-13.Blind Man
1-14.Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees) [Live]
1-15.Dream On (Live)
1-16.Hole in My Soul (Live)
1-17.Sweet Emotion (Live)

2-01.Let the Music Do the Talking
2-02.My Fist Your Face
2-03.Shame on You (Edit Version)
2-04.Heart’s Done Time
2-05.Rag Doll
2-06.Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
2-08.Hangman Jury
2-09.Permanent Vacation
2-10.Young Lust
2-11.The Other Side (Single Version)
2-12.What It Takes (Single Version)
2-13.Monkey on My Back
2-14.Love in an Elevator (Single Version)
2-15.Janie’s Got a Gun (Single Version)
2-16.Ain’t Enough



Invaders Must Die


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