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Manic Street Preachers – Send Away the Tigers – 10 Year Collectors’ Edition (iTunes Plus) (2017)

Manic Street Preachers


Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

1-01.Send Away the Tigers (Remastered)
1-02.Welcome to the Dead Zone (Remastered)
1-03.Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (feat. Nina Persson) [Remastered]
1-04.Indian Summer (Remastered)
1-05.The Second Great Depression (Remastered)
1-06.Rendition (Remastered)
1-07.Autumnsong (Remastered)
1-08.I’m Just a Patsy (Remastered)
1-09.Imperial Bodybags (Remastered)
1-10.Winterlovers (Remastered)
1-11.Working Class Hero (Remastered)
1-12.Send Away the Tigers (Demo)
1-13.Underdogs (Demo)
1-14.Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (feat. Nina Persson) [Demo]
1-15.Indian Summer (Demo)
1-16.The Second Great Depression (Demo)
1-17.Rendition (Demo)
1-18.Autumnsong (Demo)
1-19.I’m Just a Patsy (Demo)
1-20.Imperial Bodybags (Demo)
1-21.Winterlovers (Demo)

2-01.Leviathan (Remastered)
2-02.Umbrella (Remastered)
2-03.Ghost of Christmas (Remastered)
2-04.Boxes and Lists (Remastered)
2-05.Love Letter to the Future (Remastered)
2-06.Little Girl Lost (Remastered)
2-07.Fearless Punk Ballad (Remastered)
2-08.Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Nina Solo Acoustic) [Remastered]
2-09.Red Sleeping Beauty (McCarthy Cover) [Remastered]
2-10.The Long Goodbye (Remastered)
2-11.Morning Comrade (Remastered)
2-12.1404 (Remastered)
2-13.The Vortices (Remastered)
2-14.Autumnsong (Acoustic Version) [Remastered]
2-15.Anorexic Rodin (Remastered)
2-16.Heyday of the Blood (Remastered)
2-17.Foggy Eyes (Remastered)
2-18.Lady Lazarus (Remastered)
2-19.You Know It’s Going to Hurt (Instrumental) [Remastered]



Invaders Must Die


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