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Sean Callery – Jessica Jones: Season 2 (Original Soundtrack) (iTunes Plus) (2018)

Sean Callery


MARVEL and ABC Studios

1.Jessica Jones Main Title (Double Shot Version)
2.The Experiment Room
3.Malcolm Suits Up
4.The Bear on the Wall
5.Alisa’s Theme
6.Run Whizzer Run
7.I Want Your Cray Cray
8.Hogarth’s Unexpected News
9.Malcolm and Trish
11.Rooftop Movie Night
12.Alisa Surrounded
13.It Didn’t Have to Be You
14.Hogarth Getting Even
15.Roadside Assistance
16.The Abandoned Lab
17.Cheng Window Shot
18.Escaping the Fire
19.The Ferris Wheel
20.Starting at the Beginning



Invaders Must Die


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