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VA – iCarly (Music from and Inspired By the Hit TV Show) (iTunes Plus) (2008)

Various Artists



1.The Countdown (Cast Dialog)
2.Leave It All to Me (Theme from “iCarly”) [feat. Drake Bell]
3.What’s Next Baby? (Cast Dialog)
4.Stay My Baby
5.About Me? (Cast Dialog)
6.About You Now
7.Build-A-Bra (Cast Dialog)
8.Beautiful Girls (Nickelodeon Mix)
9.Sam’s Second Toe (Cast Dialog)
10.I Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)
11.Locked In the Closet (Cast Dialog)
12.I Like That Girl
13.We Hated Your Girlfriend (Cast Dialog)
14.Girlfriend (feat. Lil Mama) [Nickelodeon Mix]
15.Blueberry Belly Button (Cast Dialog)
16.Freckles (Edit)
17.Gas Station Snacks (Cast Dialog)
18.Face In the Hall
19.You Can’t Do That! (Cast Dialog)
20.Let’s Hear It for the Boy
21.Ten Things Boys Like (Cast Dialog)
22.Thunder (Radio Mix)
23.Headphones Are Huge (Cast Dialog)
24.Headphones On
25.Suckish Improv Game (Cast Dialog)
26.Move (Nickelodeon’s Dance On Sunset Theme)
27.World’s Fattest Priest (Cast Dialog)
28.I’m Grown (feat. Bow Wow) [Radio Edit]
29.The New Way (Cast Dialog) [Bonus Track]
30.Leave It All to Me (Theme from “iCarly”) [Jason Nevins Remix] {feat. Drake Bell – Bonus Track}
31.So Hot It Hurts Me (Bonus Track) [Cast Dialog]
32.Whatever My Love (From “iCarly” Episode 102 “iLike Jake”) [Bonus Track]
33.Their Music Is Soooo Good (Cast Dialog) [Bonus Track]
34.Take Me Back (From “iCarly” Episode 110 “iAm Your Biggest Fan”) [Bonus Track]
35.Back to One (Cast Dialog)



Invaders Must Die


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