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Michael Giacchino – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (iTunes Plus) (2016)

Michael Giacchino


Lucasfilm Ltd.

1.He’s Here For Us
2.A Long Ride Ahead
3.Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
4.Trust Goes Both Ways
5.When Has Become Now
6.Jedha Arrival
7.Jedha City Ambush
9.Confrontation on Eadu
10.Krennic’s Aspirations
11.Rebellions Are Built on Hope
12.Rogue One
13.Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
14.Scrambling the Rebel Fleet
15.AT-ACT Assault
16.The Master Switch
17.Your Father Would Be Proud
19.Jyn Erso & Hope Suite
20.The Imperial Suite
21.Guardians of the Whills Suite



Invaders Must Die


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