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The Rolling Stones – The Complete Collection 1971-2013 (iTunes Plus) (2013)

The Rolling Stones


Promotone B.V., under exclusive license to Universal International Music B.V.

Sticky Fingers
1-01.Brown Sugar
1-03.Wild Horses
1-04.Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
1-05.You Gotta Move
1-07.I Got the Blues
1-08.Sister Morphine
1-09.Dead Flowers
1-10.Moonlight Mile

Exile On Main St. (Deluxe Edition)
2-01.Rocks Off
2-02.Rip This Joint
2-03.Shake Your Hips
2-04.Casino Boogie
2-05.Tumbling Dice
2-06.Sweet Virginia
2-07.Torn and Frayed
2-08.Sweet Black Angel
2-09.Loving Cup
2-11.Turd On the Run
2-12.Ventilator Blues
2-13.I Just Want to See His Face
2-14.Let It Loose
2-15.All Down the Line
2-16.Stop Breaking Down
2-17.Shine a Light
2-18.Soul Survivor
2-19.Pass the Wine (Sophia Loren)
2-20.Plundered My Soul
2-21.I’m Not Signifying
2-22.Following the River
2-23.Dancing In the Light
2-24.So Divine (Aladdin Story)
2-25.Loving Cup (Alternate Take)
2-26.Soul Survivor (Alternate Take)
2-27.Good Time Women
2-28.Title 5

Goats Head Soup
3-01.Dancing With Mr. D
3-02.100 Years Ago
3-03.Coming Down Again
3-04.Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
3-06.Silver Train
3-07.Hide Your Love
3-09.Can You Hear the Music
3-10.Star Star

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
4-01.If You Can’t Rock Me
4-02.Ain’t Too Proud to Beg
4-03.It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It)
4-04.Till the Next Goodbye
4-05.Time Waits for No One
4-07.Dance Little Sister
4-08.If You Really Want to Be My Friend
4-09.Short and Curlies
4-10.Fingerprint File

Black and Blue
5-01.Hot Stuff
5-02.Hand of Fate
5-03.Cherry Oh Baby
5-04.Memory Motel
5-05.Hey Negrita
5-07.Fool to Cry
5-08.Crazy Mama

Love You Live
6-01.Intro: Excerpt from “Fanfare for the Common Man” (Live)
6-02.Honky Tonk Women (Live)
6-03.If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off of My Cloud (Live)
6-04.Happy (Live)
6-05.Hot Stuff (Live)
6-06.Star Star (Live)
6-07.Tumbling Dice (Live)
6-08.Fingerprint File (Live)
6-09.You Gotta Move (Live)
6-10.You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Live)
6-11.Mannish Boy (Live)
6-12.Crackin’ Up (Live)
6-13.Little Red Rooster (Live)
6-14.Around and Around (Live)
6-15.It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) [Live]
6-16.Brown Sugar (Live)
6-17.Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live)
6-18.Sympathy for the Devil (Live)

Some Girls (Deluxe Edition)
7-01.Miss You
7-02.When the Whip Comes Down
7-03.Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
7-04.Some Girls
7-06.Far Away Eyes
7-08.Before They Make Me Run
7-09.Beast of Burden
7-12.So Young
7-13.Do You Think I Really Care
7-14.When You’re Gone
7-15.No Spare Parts
7-16.Don’t Be a Stranger
7-17.We Had It All
7-18.Tallahassee Lassie
7-19.I Love You Too Much
7-20.Keep Up Blues
7-21.You Win Again
7-22.Petrol Blues
7-23.So Young (Piano Version)

Emotional Rescue
8-01.Dance, Pt. 1
8-02.Summer Romance
8-03.Send It to Me
8-04.Let Me Go
8-05.Indian Girl
8-06.Where the Boys Go
8-07.Down In the Hole
8-08.Emotional Rescue
8-09.She’s So Cold
8-10.All About You

Tattoo You
9-01.Start Me Up
9-02.Hang Fire
9-04.Little T&A
9-05.Black Limousine
9-07.Worried About You
9-10.No Use In Crying
9-11.Waiting On a Friend

Still Life Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
10-01.Intro: Take the “A” Train (Live)
10-02.Under My Thumb (Live)
10-03.Let’s Spend the Night Together (Live)
10-04.Shattered (Live)
10-05.Twenty Flight Rock (Live)
10-06.Going to a Go-Go (Live)
10-07.Let Me Go (Live)
10-08.Time Is On My Side (Live)
10-09.Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) [Live]
10-10.Start Me Up (Live)
10-11.(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live)
10-12.Outro: Star Spangled Banner (Live)

11-01.Undercover of the Night
11-02.She Was Hot
11-03.Tie You Up (The Pain of Love)
11-04.Wanna Hold You
11-05.Feel On Baby
11-06.Too Much Blood
11-07.Pretty Beat Up
11-08.Too Tough
11-09.All the Way Down
11-10.It Must Be Hell

Dirty Work
12-01.One Hit (To the Body)
12-03.Harlem Shuffle
12-04.Hold Back
12-05.Too Rude
12-06.Winning Ugly
12-07.Back to Zero
12-08.Dirty Work
12-09.Had It With You
12-10.Sleep Tonight
12-11.Key to the Highway (Piano Instrumental)

Steel Wheels
13-01.Sad Sad Sad
13-02.Mixed Emotions
13-04.Hold On to Your Hat
13-05.Hearts for Sale
13-06.Blinded By Love
13-07.Rock and a Hard Place
13-08.Can’t Be Seen
13-09.Almost Hear You Sigh
13-10.Continental Drift
13-11.Break the Spell
13-12.Slipping Away

Flashpoint (Live)
14-01.Intro: Continental Drift (Live)
14-02.Start Me Up (Live)
14-03.Sad Sad Sad (Live)
14-04.Miss You (Live)
14-05.Rock and a Hard Place (Live)
14-06.Ruby Tuesday (Live)
14-07.You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Live)
14-08.Factory Girl (Live)
14-09.Can’t Be Seen (Live)
14-10.Little Red Rooster (Live)
14-11.Paint It Black (Live)
14-12.Sympathy for the Devil (Live)
14-13.Brown Sugar (Live)
14-14.Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live)
14-15.(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live)
14-17.Sex Drive

Voodoo Lounge
15-01.Love Is Strong
15-02.You Got Me Rocking
15-03.Sparks Will Fly
15-04.The Worst
15-05.New Faces
15-06.Moon Is Up
15-07.Out of Tears
15-08.I Go Wild
15-09.Brand New Car
15-10.Sweethearts Together
15-11.Suck On the Jugular
15-12.Blinded By Rainbows
15-13.Baby Break It Down
15-14.Thru and Thru
15-15.Mean Disposition

Stripped (Live)
16-01.Street Fighting Man (Live)
16-02.Like a Rolling Stone (Live)
16-03.Not Fade Away (Live)
16-04.Shine a Light (Live)
16-05.The Spider and the Fly (Live)
16-06.I’m Free (Live)
16-07.Wild Horses (Live)
16-08.Let It Bleed (Live)
16-09.Dead Flowers (Live)
16-10.Slipping Away (Live)
16-11.Angie (Live)
16-12.Love In Vain (Live)
16-13.Sweet Virginia (Live)
16-14.Little Baby (Live)

Bridges to Babylon
17-01.Flip the Switch
17-02.Anybody Seen My Baby?
17-03.Low Down
17-04.Already Over Me
17-06.You Don’t Have to Mean It
17-07.Out of Control
17-08.Saint of Me
17-09.Might As Well Get Juiced
17-10.Always Suffering
17-11.Too Tight
17-12.Thief In the Night
17-13.How Can I Stop

Live Licks
18-01.Brown Sugar (Live)
18-02.Street Fighting Man (Live)
18-03.Paint It Black (Live)
18-04.You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Live)
18-05.Start Me Up (Live)
18-06.It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) [Live]
18-07.Angie (Live)
18-08.Honky Tonk Women (Live)
18-09.Happy (Live)
18-10.Gimme Shelter (Live)
18-11.(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live)
18-12.Neighbours (Live)
18-13.Monkey Man (Live)
18-14.Rocks Off (Live)
18-15.Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Live)
18-16.That’s How Strong My Love Is (Live)
18-17.The Nearness of You (Live)
18-18.Beast of Burden (Live)
18-19.When the Whip Comes Down (Live)
18-20.Rock Me, Baby (Live)
18-21.You Don’t Have to Mean It (Live)
18-22.Worried About You (Live)
18-23.Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Live)

A Bigger Bang
19-01.Rough Justice
19-02.Let Me Down Slow
19-03.It Won’t Take Long
19-04.Rain Fall Down
19-05.Streets of Love
19-06.Back of My Hand
19-07.She Saw Me Coming
19-08.Biggest Mistake
19-09.This Place Is Empty
19-10.Oh No, Not You Again
19-11.Dangerous Beauty
19-12.Laugh, I Nearly Died
19-13.Sweet Neo Con
19-14.Look What the Cat Dragged In
19-15.Driving Too Fast

Shine a Light (Deluxe Edition) [Live]
20-01.Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live)
20-02.Shattered (Live)
20-03.She Was Hot (Live)
20-04.All Down the Line (Live)
20-05.Loving Cup (feat. Jack White) [Live]
20-06.As Tears Go By (Live)
20-07.Some Girls (Live)
20-08.Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) [Live]
20-09.Far Away Eyes (Live)
20-10.Champagne & Reefer (feat. Buddy Guy) [Live]
20-11.Tumbling Dice (Live)
20-12.Band Introductions (Live)
20-13.You Got the Silver (Live)
20-14.Connection (Live)
20-15.Martin Scorsese Intro (Live)
20-16.Sympathy for the Devil (Live)
20-17.Live With Me (feat. Christina Aguilera) [Live]
20-18.Start Me Up (Live)
20-19.Brown Sugar (Live)
20-20.(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live)
20-21.Paint It Black (Live)
20-22.Undercover of the Night (Live)
20-23.Little T&A (Live)
20-24.I’m Free (Live)
20-25.Shine a Light (Live)

Doom and Gloom – Single
21-01.Doom and Gloom
21-02.Doom and Gloom (Jeff Bhasker Mix)

One More Shot – Single
22-01.One More Shot
22-02.One More Shot (Jeff Bhasker Mix)



Invaders Must Die


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