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The Verve – Urban Hymns (Deluxe / Remastered 2016) (iTunes Plus) (1997)

The Verve


Virgin Records Ltd.

1-01.Bitter Sweet Symphony
1-03.The Rolling People
1-04.The Drugs Don’t Work
1-05.Catching the Butterfly
1-06.Neon Wilderness
1-07.Space and Time
1-08.Weeping Willow
1-09.Lucky Man
1-10.One Day
1-11.This Time
1-12.Velvet Morning
1-13.Come On / Deep Freeze (Hidden Track)

2-01.This Is Music (Live)
2-02.Space and Time (Live)
2-03.Catching the Butterfly (Live)
2-04.Sonnet (Live)
2-05.The Rolling People (Live)
2-06.Weeping Willow (Live)
2-07.The Drugs Don’t Work (Live)
2-08.Lucky Man (Live)
2-09.Life’s an Ocean (Live)
2-10.Velvet Morning (Live)
2-11.Bitter Sweet Symphony (Live)
2-12.A New Decade (Live)
2-13.History (Live)
2-14.Slide Away (Live)



Invaders Must Die


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