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Alan Silvestri – Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (iTunes Plus) (2019)

Alan Silvestri


℗ 2019 Marvel Music, Inc

1.Totally Fine


3.No Trust

4.Where Are They?

5.Becoming Whole Again

6.I Figured It Out

7.Perfectly Not Confusing

8.You Shouldn’t Be Here

9.The How Works

10.Snap Out of It

11.So Many Stairs

12.One Shot

13.Watch Each Other’s Six

14.I Can’t Risk This

15.He Gave It Away

16.The Tool of a Thief

17.The Measure of a Hero

18.Destiny Fulfilled

19.In Plain Sight

20.How Do I Look?

21.Whatever It Takes

22.Not Good

23.Gotta Get Out

24.I Was Made for This

25.Tres Amigos

26.Tunnel Scape

27.Worth It


29.Get This Thing Started

30.The One

31.You Did Good

32.The Real Hero

33.Five Seconds

34.Go Ahead

35.Main on End


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